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Real Estate Investing and Digital Marketing Writer

Raised in a literal barn in the wilds of southern Missouri without television, it’s no surprise that I knew the ins and outs of classic literature like Catch-22 but had no idea what Miami Vice was. Stringing words together into coherent and (hopefully) entertaining sentences has been the steady storyline of my life ever since.

Eschewing a life of admiration and prestige after high school, I decided to bomb out of the U.S. Naval Academy before the end of the first year and embark on a series of low-paying, unremarkable jobs: bartender, fitness coach, truck driver, convenience store clerk, security guard, rock and roll singer, limo driver, fishmonger, copywriter, paralegal, and now world class backlinking bandito.


Current fascinations include real estate investing, travel technology, and digital marketing.


Current regrets include Mountain Dew, inability to speak Spanish, and winter.

Real Estate Investing

Digital Marketing Writer


  • Arizona Paralegal Training Program
    • ABA Approved Paralegal Certificate – General Paralegal Studies – 1997-98
  • Missouri State University
    • Bachelor’s Degree –  Pre-Law Studies | Writing –  1993-97
  • Unites States Naval Academy
    • 1985-86
  • Real Estate Copywriter
    • Jason Hartman’s Platinum Properties Investor Network – Freelance – Apr 2010 – Aug 2016
  • Fishmonger
    • Blue Coconut Seafood Market – Full-time – Mar 2005 – May 2010

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